August’s highlight…

Marian’s birthday…

We celebrated our unit coordinators, Marian’s 50th birthday earlier this week and she was all fun and smiles! Once again we would like to wish Marian happy belated birthday and we hope you had a lovely time off.

Meet our new friend, Molly…

A massive thank you to our Care Manager Julia that brought in her dog Molly to Duncan House to keep our residents company. As you can see they all loved it and it cheered them all up. I think we will have to keep inviting Molly down from time to time to keep us company as she seemed to have won hearts.

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Karaoke sessions…

Jacqueline and our Activities Coordinator Eleni have been up to loads of singing and dancing this week. Both have been enjoying some YouTube karaoke by singing along to old time hits. The pair are seriously considering on going on Xfactor. 🙂

As for the other residents they have been focusing on dominos, cards and colouring in fishes and butterflies – Summer might be almost over but the fun never ends at Duncan House.

 Ward 18 is Philips-less…

Ward 18 is doing great, as always. Bridges would like to thank Harriet as she is stepping in while Phillips is off on holiday. Bridges appreciates your help as well as the effort of all our staff that make Bridges healthcare what it is.

Our staff are talented…

Did someone say spelling bee? Richard Trantom our finance manager will be starring as Vice Principal Panch in the 25th annual Putnam amateur theatrical production. Performance dates are from Monday 17th September till Saturday 22nd September at 8:00pm.

You can purchase tickets via the Box office 07500 908 331 or via their Eventbrite page here.

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