A little update…

   Duncan House was a completely new setting for Bridges in terms of set up as it wasn’t classed as a community but wasn’t classed as a nursing home despite the fact that it’s staffed with nurses, HCAs, GPs and OTs.

The purpose of the Discharge to Assess Unit at Duncan House is to provide temporary accommodation for Greenwich residents being discharged from an acute NHS hospital, who are deemed unable to return home directly. While at Duncan House assessments of need will take place to determine the appropriate destination for discharge, and support provided to enable those goals to be attained.

  The past few months have been hectic for Bridges however our efforts were not in vain. We believe in promoting the independence of our residents and assisting them without taking away their independence.

  We worked diligently to bring the unit to a standard that we and as well are residents were happy with.

   On Thursday 19th July 2018 we had our first CQC inspection down at Duncan House. Our residents have always been our centre of focus and it’s nice that CQC was able to experience what we do as an organisation in person. We now await our feedback #fingerscrossed.

  Our Ward 18 is still going strong as always with Bridges offering exceptional services, supporting and working alongside the staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Royal Wedding 4

   We would like to say well done to Philips and his team for all the hard work and achieving high discharge rates from ward 18 and also for organising such wonderful days of celebration for the patients and staff on Ward 18 for both the Royal Wedding and for NHS 70th birthday.

Royal Wedding 6

  Our community is moving forward as we are working closely with Greenwich and Bromley CCG and Bexley Social Services to provide a range of high-quality care services to people with complex care who wish to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

  We are also happy that we are now having many referrals from individuals who wish to commission our services privately and arrange their own care reflecting the needs and wishes that they require to enable them to remain at home but have the support that they need. Their recommendations are leading to further referrals which are great news for Bridges.

  We are seeking to employ more carer drivers do you know anyone that would be interested?

vol 4  We also would love to have volunteers at Duncan House who would give some time to spend with the residents chatting and being companionable to them. A few hours a week would be lovely and would make such a difference.

Just a big thank you to everyone!!!

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